What\’s Next After The Assessments?


As oxygen and blood are to the human body, coaching is to breathing life into helping others in discovering how God has uniquely created them to fulfill His purpose. 

I have said for years that assessments have their place (no pun intended) but when their place is a stand-alone tool with nothing more, they are often more harmful than helpful.  The images below give a good visual of the components needed to truly bring about life change in helping people fulfill their purpose in life and ministry.



The skeleton, needed for life but not super exciting and engaging



The flesh that covers the skeleton, but still without life



The blood and oxygen that breathes life into the body and sustains it

I have said for years that if you wanted to know WHAT’S NEXT after the PLACE assessments and teaching that the PLACE Connection Coaching Videos were the best resource we provided for WHAT’S NEXT.


Since PLACE Ministries launched we have had at least one coaching video available for those desiring to observe a coaching session.  For the last several years we have had two videos available.  One was my wife Ginger coaching a new member at our church and one was me coaching a new member at our church.  Sometime ago we taped several sessions of myself, Ginger and Kraig Kelsey who served for 13 years as the Executive for PLACE Ministries and now serves as the Pastor of Member Involvement at Alpharetta First Baptist Church.  We are now providing three more videos that will have a much different look and feel and setting to learn about coaching.

Connection Coach Overviews

Below are the five overview videos that have been incorporated to mobilyzr and available to each church or organization that has registered for a mobilyzr domain.  The five coaching videos in their entirety are available at a one-time cost of $50.  You will have lifetime access to these videos whether or not you have a yearly subscription to the other features in mobilyzr.

https://vimeo.com/662595420https://vimeo.com/662596453https://vimeo.com/662595046https://vimeo.com/662596234https://vimeo.com/662595872While our PLACE Teaching Videos are for a yearly subscription, all five(5) PLACE Coaching videos can be purchased for a one time cost of only $50 and have no expiration date. Consider referring those who have completed PLACE to watch the Overview videos to see why PLACE Ministries believes the power behind the PLACE experience is coaching.

Purchase PLACE Coaching Videos Now!

There are four groups the videos can be used with in helping know “What’s Next” and “How To” implement “What’s Next”.


  1. Decision Makers – If you are working to get those who are the decision makers to incorporate PLACE these overview videos which are less than two minutes each give a great idea of how coaching helps go beyond assessments.
  2. PLACE Participants – We recommend sharing these overview videos with those going through the PLACE assessments and teaching to help them see how to incorporate the assessments in their own personal lives.
  3. Potential PLACE Coaches – These videos will be priceless in helping to train PLACE coaches.
  4. PLACE Facilitators – For those who are desiring to facilitate the teaching of PLACE these coaching videos will give invaluable insight into understanding each of the five elements within PLACE.

As I begin my 25th year with PLACE I am asked what keeps me excited about teaching and promoting PLACE after all these years. It is simple: Coaching!

As I begin my 25th year with PLACE I am asked what keeps me excited about teaching and promoting PLACE after all these years. It is simple: Coaching! ?

Whether you are trying to get buy-in from decision makers, those completing the PLACE assessments and teaching, recruiting others to coach or facilitate or becoming more skilled yourself in using PLACE in teaching and coaching I hope you will take advantage of these five-coaching sessions.


Thanks for the privilege to serve you!



Serving Him Together,