Podcast: P - Personality

Episode 3 – What Personality Assessments Don’t Account For

There are many good personality assessments available from the DISC personality assessment that Jay McSwain has developed to Meyers Briggs to Enneagram which is very popular among college students. However, RARELY do personality assessments account for the role of the Holy Spirit in a believers’ life-shaping and molding personality tendencies. In this episode Mary and Jay caution against not accounting for the Holy Spirit living IN a believer to mold and shape your personality. Also, you are encouraged to take the free myPersonality assessment in both the Apple and Google Play apps. Remember, personalities are not bad or good, it is what you do with them and Who (God or you) that is in control of them that makes the difference.

Episode 2 – Chameleon Personality – Good or Bad?

Some people have chameleon personalities. Is it good or bad to be a chameleon personality? In this episode, Taylor Ryzeck who is a freshman at Samford University discusses with Mary and Jay her personality which some may see as a chameleon. The podcast discusses why some people like Taylor might be a chameleon and when it is positive and when it can be a negative quality to be a chameleon personality.