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Learn how God has uniquely created you to have healthy relationships with others, impactful ministry, and successful careers.

About myPLACE Courses

myPLACE Courses Are Designed To Help You:

Practically understand yourself better and accurately from a Biblical perspective

Gain insights and tools to coach others in understanding how God created them

Provide teaching to be used in small groups, classrooms, and large groups settings

myPLACE courses will help you understand yourself and others for healthy relationships, successful career choices, and impactful ministry endeavors.

myPLACE Courses

Every Course Is Designed To Help You Practically Discover How God Has Created You And Others To Fulfill His Purpose In Relationships, Career, And Ministry.

PLACE Assessments and Concepts Explained

The PLACE Assessments are a great starting PLACE to discover how God has uniquely created you. This course will help you understand how to apply the concepts behind these five powerful assessments.

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16 Spiritual Gifts Practically Explained

The 16 spiritual gifts explained in this short course are not exhaustive on the spiritual gifts in the Bible and certainly not exhaustive in the brief explanations regarding each one of them.

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Discovering My Spiritual Gifts

The Bible teaches believers to not be uninformed about their spiritual gifts (I Corinthians 12:1) and that we should fan into flame the spiritual gifts God has given us (2 Timothy 1:6). This course will provide you the resources to not be uninformed and practical insights into how to fan into flame your spiritual gifts.

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